3 Reasons Why You Need a Moodboard

3 Reasons Why You Need a Moodboard

You’re asking why do I need a moodboard. I’m not an interior decorator or fashion designer. But hey, they can be extremely helpful for anyone who’s trying an artistic project.

A moodboard, or inspiration board, is a collection of colors, textures, fonts, and styles that helps you create the mood or atmosphere for a creative project. If you’re a visual person like I am, moodboards can be wonderful in establishing the aesthetic feel you want to convey.

Here’s My 3 reasons:

1. They help you decide and refine your theme

If you’re like me and just can’t settle on a favorite color, moodboards are a great tool to narrow down and focus on one aesthetic. Maybe you know you want to use pinks: are you leaning towards soft, elegant champagne shades or bright, playful bubblegum? Once you start creating a moodboard, you can choose the specific mood you want and discover what feels the most right for this project.

2. You can play with different colors, textures, and styles

Moodboards can help you see how different elements might work together. If you’ve decided to go with baby pink, you could try complementing it with shades of cream and ivory. Your moodboard is the perfect place to experiment: add a piece of chantilly lace or a swatch of silk and see if you like it. Small additions can change the theme from sophisticated to rustic, classy to vintage. The fun is in the details!

3. They keep you from straying

We’ve all been there: you start out with a color scheme in mind and as you go further into the rabbit hole of ideas and possibilities, you realize you’ve ended up with a completely different feel. If you made a moodboard, you can easily go back and make sure your artistic choices have stayed consistent with the aesthetic you want. And the good news is that you can save all those ideas that don’t quite match for future projects!


For me, taking the extra time to make a moodboard before I dive into a project is definitely worth it because it helps me decide exactly what I want and stay organized in my ideas. And, honestly, they’re just super fun to make!


Convinced? Cool. So now what? How do you actually go about making one?

Stay tuned for my next in this series - “5 Tips to create the perfect moodboard”

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