Top 3 Gratitude Gifts

Top 3 Gratitude Gifts

Gratitude makes people like us.

Gratitude makes us nicer, more trusting, more social, more appreciative.

Gratitude helps us make more friends and deepen our existing relationships.

Gratitude increases positive thinking and overall happiness.

Enough said! Here are 3 of my favorite tools to help me practice gratitude:


1. This Gratitude Journal

When I received pocket Gratitude Journal as a gift from a friend, it piqued my interest right away simply because its so different from your usual gratitude journal.

It comes with 26 double-sided open-ended journal pages, giving me space for 52 entries - one per week for an entire year. And it didn’t take me long to know this was going to be one of my favorite things for the year!

The Gratitude Journal

Let me tell you why.

It helps me spread the love.

As I often think of people I’m grateful for, I think I’ll make sure I’ll call them.. but inevitable get caught up in something else. That’s where this brilliant journal comes in. It includes six beautifully-illustrated postcards to send out to someone Im grateful for. It never fails to lift us both up!

It’s the perfect size.

This journal is small enough to fit in my handbag, yet has enough space to pen my thoughts. I especially like that every time I see it in my bag, it reminds me to be grateful in that moment.

It’s on a ring.

The journal cards are single punched and on a ring. That means I can open the ring and add in my own little mementos next to a journal card - a photograph, a show ticket, a hand written note I received. I really love playing around with that :)

And lastly, it’s just plain cute! It comes with it’s own little soft cotton drawstring bag and an adorable pencil!

Get The Gratitude Journal here.

2. This Gratitude Jar

I first heard about this when it featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things list. I did not end up buying it for a while, but am so glad I finally did!

The gorgeous looking hand crafted glass jar comes with a fitting wooden lid and a box of individual gratitude cards to put it.

The Gratitude Jar

What do I love about it?

The gratitude cards.

There are 365 gratitude cards - 1 for each day of the year. They’re a great size for just a few lines of what I’m thankful for each day. And they’re beautifully foil printed on the outside.

The jar.

Again it’s beautiful. It looks stunning in my living room. It’s almost a piece of decor!

It helped me make gratitude a habit.

I put a date on the back of enough cards at a time for a month - so I know to not forget a day!

This truly inspires you to be thankful, write it down, and tuck it in the jar for revisiting some day in the future. It’s worth every penny.

Get The Gratitude Jar here.


3. This Instant Happy Journal

This popular journal is bright, colorful and an instant mood lifter.

Having heard from others that the ‘happiness prompters’ from this journal really help improve the quality of your thoughts and ability to be happy, I did have to try it for myself. And I’m not disappointed at all!

The Instant Happy Journal

Here’s why.

Each page is different.

I love how it never gets boring. There’s quotes, scientific facts, deep thought provoking questions and more.

Happiness Prompters.

They really do help me be mindful of all the little things that bring me happiness. There’s 365 of them!

Helps form very useful habits.

It shows you how to form 2 invaluable habits for a happy life - to intend to have a happy day, and to reflect on that happiness.

Get The Instant Happy Journal here.


All three are unique, unlike other gratitude journals. And they make the perfect gifts to be cherish as a keepsake for years to come.

Happy giving!

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