The Art of Gifting

The Art of Gifting

Who doesn’t love a good gift?

Every once in a while, someone gives you a truly great gift.. Do you remember that gift and how special it made you feel long after you were done using it?

That’s what the true art of gift giving is about. Meaningful gifts that show your friends and family that you put thought into selecting them - that you really know them, you hear them, you get them!

It sounds daunting, but it’s really simple to do. Ditch the generic chocolates and wine, and instead stun them with something tailored specifically to them.

Here’s how -

1. Make a list your friends and family

Use your phone or your pocket book to keep a list of all your close friends and family that you know you’ll buy gifts for in the next 6 months. Then, keep a running list of ideas for each of them.

2. Pay attention to them

Make note of stories that friends share - especially about a cool new product they saw or would like to try. When their big day rolls around, that’ll be a great resource for ideas that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

3. Keep a running list of ideas

When you see something interesting at a store or at a friend’s place, make a note of it.  When you need to pick up that last minute gift for a colleague’s farewell, you’ll do better than a bottle of wine!

4. Wrap it beautifully

No matter what the gift, always always make it look fab! While it’s ok to use a gift bag stuffed with co-ordinating tissue, it is so much classier to put your gift in a box, wrap it by hand and add a ribbon and a matching tag. To take it one step further, step up your gift wrapping game. Here are some fun ideas.


Some ideas to get you started -

1. Gift an Experience

Instead of adding to the general clutter in their homes, gift them an experience to remember. What do they love?

Foodie - Gift them a voucher to the new Thai restaurant in town that everyone’s raving about

Thrill seeker - How about the paragliding cruise?

Fan girl - Tickets to a concert or live recording will have them gushing about the celebrity and you!

Fitness freak - sign them up for a yoga or tai chi class

You get the drift.

2. Gift a Subscription Box

There’s tons of subscription boxes available for all budgets and interests. Many let you select how often you want the box (every month, every 3 months, so on), and the total duration of the boxes (6 months, 1 year, etc.). Whatever option you select, you only buy once, but they receive a gift over and over again!

3. DIY Gift

You can buy a gift… or you can make a gift!

Try something edible - a batch of your famous brownies, a fully prepped meal kit, frozen homemade cookie dough, your grandma’s pesto sauce

Or something crafty - a photo collage, a scrapbook, a hand painted name plate.

The options are endless, only limited by your imagination! 

4. Gift a Gift Card

No, it’s not lazy to get someone a gift card. Sometimes, it’s the most thoughtful thing you could do - allow them to pick for themselves.

Do remember to add a handwritten note along with it -  you could try telling them why they’re important to you, or reminisce on a shared special moment. Insert in a pretty envelope and you’re good to go!

5. Pick a Gift Box

Sometimes a bunch of small things mean much more than one big thing. Start with picking a theme -

wellness, baking, books, wine, travel. Then select multiple items of different sizes and shapes. Pick a box or basket you love, fill with crinkle paper, arrange your goodies, enclose the entire gift in a large cello bag and tie a big ribbon bow. Viola!


If you need inspiration, try one of these prepared gift boxes.

Self Care - Wellness Gift Box


Self Care - Gratitude Gift Box


Spread The Love Gift Box


Grateful Heart Gift Box


Baker Diary Gift Box


Kitchen Diaries Gift Box



Happy Gifting!

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