Gratitude Journaling: Your Key to a Happier Life

Gratitude Journaling: Your Key to a Happier Life

Feeling like you need a change of perspective? Want to be more optimistic, feel better about your life, or be kinder to other people? Gratitude journaling might just be for you! Here’s why. 

Research about people who regularly practice gratitude shows that it can help you feel more satisfied and connected to the people in your life. Physically, it can help you have fewer headaches, better sleep, and even clearer skin!

For me, refocusing on the things that are going well and what I do have in my life is usually great for my mental health. And it’s a really easy way to practice self-care.

Here’s 2 easy ways to get started -

The Daily Spread

Every night, write down a list of three to five things you’re thankful for in your journal. This can be big things like a promotion or your family, but it can also be something as simple as a good smoothie or a funny video you saw. 

Do this every day for a few days or weeks. I think you’ll see that even when things are tough, there’s usually something to be grateful for. The purpose of gratitude is not to minimize your challenges, but rather to remind yourself of the good.

The Weekly or Monthly Spread

Instead of a list for every day, many people designate a page or two in their journal to document an entire week or month.

Try listing one to three things you are thankful for each day during that time. When you’re done, you can look back and reflect on the week or month you’ve had. Down the road, it’s a really cool way to remember what you were doing at that time in your life and what you were enjoying.


Getting Creative

Gratitude journaling doesn’t just have to be an ordinary list! You can make it as simple or creative as you want. Here’s some fun ideas:

Rays of sunshine

Doodle spreads


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