1. Open the template in Corjl. Edit and Save.

2. Download a PDF using these settings:
- Design Default Size
✔︎ bleed
 trim marks
 No multiple per page
If your design has a back print, download each page seperately.

3. Create your custom invitations with our preferred online printer:
5"x7" - blank ink text
5"x7" - colored ink text
5"x7" - white ink text

4. Choose your desired Paper Color. 
[for translucent: use Vellum 48lb] 

5. Upload your saved PDF.
Upload front + back separately if your design has a back print.

6. Enter your quantity and add to cart.
[Tip: If you'd like to see a physical sample, it's cheaper to order quantity 10 rather than 1 sample]



1. Use the 'DIY' template in Corjl. Edit and Save.
2. Download a PDF using these settings:
- 8.5" x 11" (or desired page size)
✔︎ No bleed
✔︎ Trim marks
✔︎ Multiple per page

3. Print.

4. Trim to size.


  • Print one sample to check size, alignment, and colors. Adjust if needed and print another sample. Only when completely satisfied, print your complete set. Always print a few extras for damage or trimming / assembly practice.



  • Use a sharp paper trimmer to cut to size. Good overhead lighting helps. Clean the blade regularly to make sure there are no bits caught in - it will cause the paper to crinkle.
  • Use the crop marks on the paper as guides to help trimming. Cutters also often have size guides to help you line up your paper.


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