Envelope Liners

Envelope Liners


Our envelope liners are designed to perfectly fit Euro flap envelopes from CardsAndPockets.com. 


1. Use the 'Professional' PDF.

2. Create your custom Envelope Liners here with our recommended online printer.

3. Choose your desired Paper Color. 
[for standard matte: white; for metallic: crystal]

4. Upload your PDF.

5. Enter your quantity and add to cart.



1. Use
- 'DIY w Guides' PDF for Euro flap envelopes from CardsAndPockets.com
- 'DIY no Guides' PDF for envelopes of other shapes / sizes

2. Print.

3. Trim to size.

4. Assemble.
Fold the flap with the liner inserted, then pull the flap back and run a tape runner around the outer edges of the liner.
[View our complete step-by-step tutorial here]


  • Use a lightweight paper for liners so they can be assembled easily. Avoid using thick cardstock as it will weigh the envelope down.
  • Print one sample to check size, alignment, and colors. Adjust if needed and print another sample. Only when completely satisfied, print your complete set. Always print a few extras for damage or trimming / assembly practice.
  • Let your ink dry completely - usually just a few minutes - before handling.



  • Use a sharp paper trimmer to cut to size. Good overhead lighting helps. Clean the blade regularly to make sure there are no bits caught in - it will cause the paper to crinkle.
  • Use the crop marks on the paper as guides to help trimming. Cutters also often have size guides to help you line up your paper. 



Fold the flap with the liner inserted. press gently to score the fold. 

Pull back the flap.

Seperate the liner from the envelope flap - keeping the liner folded.

Run a tape runner alond the oter edges of the back of the liner.

fold the flap back down on the liner, pressing gently to glue together.


Use a good quality tape runner to stick liner to envelope.


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